Media partnerships

Bringing together like-minded organizations to facilitate content for the Kingdom

Working toward the same goals while doing different things, Santiago Studios wants to facilitate the media across multiple channels. Great content will be used, seen and make an impact. Working together with partners in radio, tv, streaming and distribution we want to spread the "Good News" wherever it will be heard. We are just begining to see how the media landscape is changing - tomorrow is an exciting time.


Relevant Radio

Relevant Radio® assists the Church in the New Evangelization by providing relevant programming through media platforms to help people bridge the gap between faith and everyday life. Relevant Radio provides programming that speaks to the human condition, helping to bridge the gap between faith and everyday life. The network produces a variety of popular and exciting programs to help strengthen the family, solve everyday problems, and raise the heart and mind to God. Over 17 years, it has grown to become a network of 66 stations in 31 states, reaching 68 million people.

Catholics @ Work OC

Catholics @ Work OC helps people close the gap between their faith and their work. The organization features individuals who are successfully addressing challenging workplace issues by applying work principles from the Gospel and Christ's example. We see members and guests desire to explore virtue and to influence family and culture for the betterment of every human being.

Santiago Retreat Center

A Catholic-Christian retreat center in the heart of Orange County which provides a beautiful rustic venue for religious retreats, summer camps, events, conferences, organized group hikes, Stations of the Cross, Catholic outdoor education, and other activities.

El Sembrador Nueva Evangelization

A Spanish Catholic channel that unites all Hispanics transmitting from studios in California. ESNE delivers dynamic, cultural and educational programming for the youth and the whole family. The 24-hour lineup consists of 65% original programming and affiliates from America to Europe amounting to a wide variety of cultural and religious viewpoints. Enjoy live coverage of concerts and events from the Vatican and around the world.

Exhibit: Almost Like Seeing the Real Shroud. Turin Shroud Center's exhibit is open to the public by appointment only. Among the items on display in the exhibit are: View a gallery of pictures of our exhibit: A full-size back-lit color transparency of the Shroud, A demonstration of Shroud's burial configuration, Models depicting crucifixion according to Shroud forensics., A full size replica of both the front and back of the Sudarium of Oviedo. The Turin Shroud Center is dedicated to continuing its research on the Shroud of Turin and publishing its findings. We are furthermore dedicated to educating the public on all of the important historic, forensic and scientific data concerning the Shroud.

St Joseph Radio

St. Joseph Radio is a non-profit apostolate run mostly by volunteers. We are dedicated to bringing the message of Christ to the world, serving Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Your purchases and donations are the only way we keep this ministry alive, and we thank you for your support. If, after prayerful consideration, you would like to donate, please go to

St. Lukes Productions

Saint Luke Productions is a Catholic theater ministry dedicated to evangelizing and renewing the culture through professional live and media productions. We carry out our mission by producing and touring plays on the Gospels and the lives of the saints. We have also produced and distributed a number of feature films and DVDs. Our productions are based on historical, scriptural, and modern day stories. Through theater and the media, we hope to inspire audiences to a deeper desire for the Truth of Jesus Christ. We also are committed to educating and encouraging artists and young people who share our vision. Therefore, we offer internships, workshops and employment in our office and production company. These opportunities include acting, theatrical lighting and sound, touring, cinematography, and film and sound editing. In accord with the teachings of John Paul II and the Second Vatican Council, we believe that a renewal of the culture depends upon a renewal of family life. Our organization has been established within the context of family. In our productions and in our work environment, we work to encourage a greater respect for the family.

Shalom World

Shalom World is a commercial-free, high-definition, Catholic family channel that reaches out to the world with the truth of Christ. This channel supplements the pastoral efforts of the Church to spread the Good News of Christ Jesus. SHALOM WORLD offers programming that will truly be a spiritual banquet to people of all ages.

St. Augustine of Canterbury

Our mission is to be faithful stewards of the Catholic Faith in the Anglican tradition by sharing in the teaching and fellowship of the apostles, and in the sacramental life established by Christ; by equipping the saints to bear witness to Christ and His Church in the world; and by sharing in Christ’s work of reconciliation and healing, both personally and corporately within the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith.


Short bio added here with lots of fun facts, and inspiration without taking ourselves too seriously. Short bio added here with lots of fun facts, and inspiration without taking ourselves too seriously.Short bio added here with lots of fun facts, and inspiration without taking ourselves too seriously.Short bio added here with lots of fun facts, and inspiration without taking ourselves too seriously.

Short bio added here with lots of fun facts, and inspiration without taking ourselves too seriously.Short bio added here with lots of fun facts, and inspiration without taking ourselves too seriously.

Pearpod Media

Unexpected Creative. More than just a slogan, it is our approach to every project. Today with more marketing channels than ever before, it is easy to get lost in the spin cycle. Pearpod collaborates with you to develop something truly original. Our services include everything from branding to print to the latest digital methods that will connect with your unique audience.

Unified Parish

With professional designs and relevant messages, Unified Parish delivers resources to engage your parish on a deeper level, including options for one-step printing, custom design, and social media strategies. We offer a range of products and services to fit every need and budget, from individual items to complete bundles. Unified Parish also provides tools to help churches establish visibility in their community and present a unique impression in a cohesive, attractive way through branded resources.









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